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to join my French live classes and improve your French instantly? Let’s take your French to the next level together! 


Does this 

sound familiar?

  •  You want to strengthen your French grammar and vocabulary in French but you don’t know where to start. There are so many resources online that you sometimes feel lost in this ocean of information.

  •  You are happy to learn French online at your home pace but you would love to have the guidance of a professional French teacher that would give you guidance and personalized feedback. 

  •  You are motivated and really want to improve your French but being consistent is extremely hard. You start learning French then stop… then start over again. You are tired of being inconsistent. and stop seems to be preventing you from learning French. You know and want to be more consistent in French but life gets really busy sometimes. 

  •  You really enjoy learning French but sometimes you feel like you are not progressing as fast as you would like to. You feel like you are running in circles and you are ready to start using a proven method that will help you effectively improve your French.

Get the perfect French lessons delivered to you every month. Just the right amount of lessons to learn. Each lesson is organized and set up in the perfect order for you. No headaches and guessing games! Know exactly what to learn and when to learn. 


Join a French course that you can complete at your own pace while having the support of a native French teacher. Get the opportunity to exchange and work with a French teacher for extra support and guidance. 


Never feel like you are falling off the wagon because you are following a realistic and attainable French course. Forget the work overload. Get just the right amount of French to learn each month to keep you excited and not overwhelmed. 


Learning things that actually move the needle for you. Seeing your French tremendously improve week after week because now you learn the right grammar and vocabulary, not the useless fluff. 

It's all possible.

I have created 4 online classrooms to help you improve your French grammar and vocabulary. Each classroom is designed for a specific French level (A1, A2, B1, B2).

Every month, you will receive premium French video lessons and exclusive access to live classes where you will be able to interact directly with me live. Yes, you will be able to ask me any questions just like you would do in a real-life classroom.

My classroom will be available only for a limited number of members! 


Watch this video...

Watch this video to get more information about the classroom and learn how you can become a member! 


Cancel your membership at any time.

Interact directly with Pearl through monthly live classes

Boost your French grammar and vocabulary no matter your French level

Practice your French at your own pace with premium video lessons and interactive exercises.

Which classroom is best for you?

I am offering 4 classrooms for 4 different French levels. Simply choose the classroom that reflects your French level best.

To help you pick the right classroom, make sure to read the full curriculums 


 Every classroom will follow a specific curriculum adapted to a specific French level. Make sure to read each curriculum to know exactly what you will learn within each classroom... Reading carefully each curriculum will help you pick the right classroom that suits your needs.

 Learn the French Basics

Grammar Focus: 

Alphabet and phonetics 

Vocabulary Focus: 


Learn how to introduce yourself and other people

Grammar Focus: 

Simple sentence structures and introduction to verbs 

Vocabulary Focus: 

Family and friends

Learn how to describe yourself and other people

Grammar Focus: 

Present tense 

Vocabulary Focus: 

Physical and mental description

Learn how to understand and give simple instructions

Grammar Focus: 

Imperative tense 

Vocabulary Focus: 


Learn how to describe your environment

Grammar Focus: 

Yes/No questions - Open questions 

Vocabulary Focus: 


Learn how to use numbers in French

Grammar Focus: 


Vocabulary Focus: 

Numerical (numbers, dates etc.)

I want to join the A1 Classroom

Become a pro at descriptions (people, places, and objects)

Grammar Focus: 

Adjectives (regular and irregular adjectives) 

Vocabulary Focus: 


Learn how to master everyday life interactions

Grammar Focus: 

The different types of sentences (Questions, exclamatory etc.) 

Vocabulary Focus: 

Salutations and politeness

Learn how to talk about daily life habits

Grammar Focus: 

Present tense (regular, irregular, and reflexive verbs) 

Vocabulary Focus: 

 Everyday life activities

Learn how to discuss past events

Grammar Focus: 

Passé composé tense and Imperfect tense 

Vocabulary Focus: 

Holidays and hobbies

Learn how to give and understand instructions

Grammar Focus: 

The imperative tense 

Vocabulary Focus: 

Food and cooking

Learn how to express personal idea with ease

Grammar Focus: 

Future simple and future proche 

Vocabulary Focus: 

Tastes and opinions

I want to join the A2 Classroom

Learn how to discuss personal events

Grammar Focus: 

Revision past tenses + Pluperfect tense 

Vocabulary Focus: 

Life events

Learn how to talk about experiences, books, and movie plots

Grammar Focus: 

Direct and indirect objects (COD/COI) 

Vocabulary Focus: 


Learn how to discuss societal issues

Grammar Focus: 

Passive voice 

Vocabulary Focus: 

Current affairs

Learn how to express and  feelings

Grammar Focus: 


Vocabulary Focus: 

The workplace

Learn how to advise and advise against

Grammar Focus: 

Introduction to the subjunctive 

Vocabulary Focus: 

The media

Learn how to express future intentions and wishes

Grammar Focus: 


Vocabulary Focus: 


I want to join the B1 Classroom

Learn how to build elaborate sentence structures

Grammar Focus: 

Complex relative pronouns 

Vocabulary Focus: 

Environmental issues

Learn how to present a hypothesis

Grammar Focus: 

Conditionnel Passé tense 

Vocabulary Focus: 


Learn how to talk about abstract concepts

Grammar Focus: 

Present Subjunctive mastery 

Vocabulary Focus: 


Justify your point and make concessions

Grammar Focus: 

Preposition mastery 

Vocabulary Focus: 


How to present other people's opinions

Grammar Focus: 

Future antérieur tense

Vocabulary Focus: 


Learn how to read and discuss French literature

Grammar Focus: 

Passé simple tense

Vocabulary Focus: 


I want to join the B2 Classroom

"je suis consultante et je voudrais vivre la moitié du temps à New York et l'autre moitié du temps en France. Les cours vidéos avec Pearl améliorent ma confiance en moi. Ils améliorent également mon vocabulaire. J'essaie de parler avec les gens le plus souvent quand j'entends un accent français. Je n'ai pas peur d'essayer. Je pense que les vidéos et les leçons de Pearl sont incroyables. J’adore sa bonne humeur et sa joie de vivre!"


"I have been doing online lessons with Perle over the last year. I was unsure as to whether online classes would be as effective as face-to-face practiCe, but Pearl’s enthusiasm and friendliness overcame this barrier. The live lessons built my confidence and vocabulary. It also served as an invaluable opportunity to consistently strengthen my French skills. 

Pearl has been a highlight of my year, and deepened my love for the French language. Above all, Pearl’s gentle encouragement and the ease of the lessons is something I have never found in another French teacher."


"I can only describe my French-learning experience with Pearl using superlatives!! She is the kindest, friendliest, most engaging, most knowledgeable, most enthusiastic, and most empathetic French teacher that I've ever had in my life! So she knows the many intricacies, stages, and dimensions of the language-learning journey. I have grown into a more confident French speaker and writer because of her coaching. Her enthusiasm is absolutely contagious! She inspires me so much that I have even influenced my family to speak and read more French lol! Pearl is so amazing!! Lesson time with her is the highlight of my day. I greatly enjoy the live lessons with her. I'm so grateful that I found her via YouTube!! Merci mille fois, Pearl !! Tu es la meilleure professeure!"

-Mayenne Minuit

Instant access to Pearl’s Classroom Course

Each month, you receive new video lessons and exercises corresponding to your classroom level. These video lessons and exercises are self-paced. It means that you can watch them on your own time at your own pace.

Access to 1 monthly Live Class

Each month, you meet up with Pearl for a 1-hour live class. You will practice your French grammar and vocabulary with Pearl and of course, ask her all your questions during the class. 

FULL access to the live classes Replay Library

If you miss a live class, no worries! You will be able to watch the replay in your Replay Library. You will have access to every replay, all levels included. So, let’s say you joined the A2 classroom, you will be able to watch the replay of all the other classrooms (A1, B1, and B2).


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You have 2 payment options:



Monthly Access


Monthly Subscription

What's Included

  • Monthly access: Access 1 new module per month
  • Monthly access to Pearl’s classroom Modules (Your access will stop once you cancel your membership)
  • Monthly access to the live training and live broadcast sessions (Your access will stop once you cancel your membership)
  • Does not include Bonus 1: "French for conversations" mini course (Value $197)
  • Does not Include BONUS 2: “French Conversation Mastery” mini course (Value $197)
  • Does not Include BONUS 3: “Confidence Explosion” mini course” (Value: $197)

Lifetime Access


1 Full Payment


What's Included

  • Immediate access to the 6 modules of the classroom
  • Lifetime access to Pearl's Classroom Modules
  • Lifetime access to the live training and live broadcast sessions
  • Includes BONUS 1: “French for Conversations” mini course (Value $197)
  • Includes BONUS 2: “French Conversation Mastery” mini course (Value $197)
  • Includes BONUS 3: “Confidence Explosion” mini course” (Value: $197)

*Important note: Each purchase will give you access to ONE classroom level. Each classroom has to be purchased separately.

Meet Your French Teacher!

I am Pearl.

I am a French teacher and motivational coach. A lot of you discovered me through my Youtube channel and Instagram. My philosophy is to teach French in a stress-free environment and always with a smile. My mission is to teach French grammar and vocabulary through fun and interactive live classes!

So if you ever felt lost in your French learning journey, you are at the right place. 

With my clear step-by-step live classes and video lessons you will improve your French vocabulary and grammar while getting the guidance you need.

You have been dreaming of being able to learn more French but being motivated and consistent has been a struggle. Improving your French looks like an unattainable goal. 

“I want to learn French but I am too busy with work” 

“I want to learn French but doing it by myself is so challenging” 

“I want to learn French but I need someone to answer my specific questions about French” 

“I want to learn French but French grammar rules are so hard, I feel discouraged at times” 

I have been there. I know there can be a lot of questions, confusion, and stress when it comes to speaking a language. Being consistent can be challenging when other things pop up (work, family, friends….). It is easy to fall off the wagon. I created these classrooms to help you stay committed to your learning journey. With my video lessons and my live classes, you will be able to have direct support. Seatback and relax and let me help you improve your vocabulary and master French grammar. I’ll guide you through your whole time in the membership and share with you my clear tips and strategies.


Each month during Pearl’s live classes, you will be able to interact with Pearl. You will be able to easily reach out to Pearl and ask her any questions during the classes. It is a great way to get personalized feedback. 


Pearl’s classroom will focus mainly on French grammar and vocabulary. It is the perfect course to get more clarity on grammar rules and expand your vocabulary.


Pearl’s modules are designed to give just the right amount of French to learn each month. It will allow you to not feel overwhelmed and stay on track. Furthermore, live classes push you to be more consistent, focused, and motivated.


“I don’t have time”

You probably think that you don’t have time now, Speak like a French Academy is a self-paced program. You will go through each module and lesson at your own pace so no stress. Learning French is a long process, this course is made to save you time teaching you exactly what you need to know to reach that confidence level that you have been looking for for so long.

“I don’t have money”

You probably think that you don’t have time now, Speak like a French Academy is a self-paced program. You will go through each module and lesson at your own pace so no stress. Learning French is a long process, this course is made to save you time teaching you exactly what you need to know to reach that confidence level that you have been looking for for so long.